Lights that Respond to Your Environment

Different activities require different lighting, so we make it easy to set the perfect light levels in every room. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster, having a company wide meeting, or a video conference call, our custom automated lighting solutions instantly set the mood with one touch of a button. Leveraging a combination of sensors, data feeds, and programming, we automate lighting for maximum efficiency and comfort. 

 Pyng Lighting

 Please read this PDF for an overview on Crestron automated lighting control.



Climate Control

Our smart climate control systems provide you with comfort, ease of use, and efficiency. They can be controlled and monitored from in wall touch screens or a mobile device. Integrating HVAC thermostats with a Crestron system can help lower energy bills and increase user friendliness.

Crestron Climate


Made In The Shade

Too much sunlight can cause excessive heating and a distracting glare. That’s why controlling daylight is an essential component of our lighting and shade control platform. Our goal is to optimize comfort and energy savings, creating the right environment for work or home. Combined with our advanced lighting and climate controls, you have a complete environmental automation solution that maximizes energy efficiency, ease of use and comfort. Drapes and rollers can be controlled based on weather, temperature, or ambient light sensors. With the choice of hundreds of fabrics, from standard to hand weaved exotics, you'll find a match to enhance your home or environment.

Office Shades 

Please read this PDF for an overview on Crestron automated remote controlled mechanical drapery and shading.