The Power of Programming

Custom programs and touch panel design brings it all together. Our control systems are compatible with thousands of devices from hundreds of brands, and our beautifully designed interfaces tie them all together. Our certified programmers and designers have the expertise to create customized office and home automation apps from the ground up. With the massively powerful capabilities of our designers and programmers we will develop your program with a user experience tailored to your system.

Fortress TP


Custom User Interfaces

No matter the complexity and variation of equipment in a system, our programmers bring the power of all your technology to bear with a simple graphical user interface. Even the most casual of users will be empowered to take full control of the systems we deploy with ease. Points of control include not only touch panels, but also smart-phones, computers, remote controls, keypads and voice. 

Design Program

Audio DSP Systems Programming

It is often said that you can get by with poor video or even complex operation, but you can’t overcome the issues caused by bad audio, If audio is not intelligible it can ruin any presentation, conference call, or meeting as well as create an embarrassing situation with a customer or partner. In most AV systems these days, the audio system is powered by a programmable digital signal processor otherwise known as an audio DSP. 

Whether it's Biamp, Polycom Soundstructure, or Symetrix we can create an audio DSP program that suits your office. And in critical listening spaces, we will perform a room-correction EQ tuning procedure. 

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